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Why is your website not ranking?


Why is your website not ranking? You researched and wrote the original content. You uploaded but Google is not indexing your website in the top results. Why is it happening to you? Is it unfair or biasness of Google? NO!! You meet all the requirements of good content but you lack something for Google index-friendly content. What is it? SEO? YEAH! But you added the keywords, and optimized the content, what else remains? It is backlinks. You cannot ignore the benefits backlinking brings to you in the context of content ranking. Let’s discuss creating backlinks and anchor texts in detail.

Whether you have done keyword research, added in the content, or optimized the headings, but still you need to add backlinks. Adding backlinks may seem easy but it also requires a lot of hard work. You have to find strong anchor texts. Using spammed backlinks means adding backlinks to spam anchor texts results in the deranking of the site.

Let’s simply understand this. You started writing content on “SEO strategies”. You included some keywords like “how to rank with SEO”, “SEO strategy 2022”, and some others. Somewhere in the content, you talk about heading optimization. You desire to add backlinks in the heading content. For this, you have to choose an anchor text, for example, you think of “heading SEO optimization”. It is a good anchor text for adding a backlink. Bad anchor text examples relating to this content include “heading”, “SEO strategy”, and other irrelevant. Now consider the link that you will be adding as a backlink. It is the most important concern. There are multiple options.

You may request help from experts or help from agencies or do your research. Creating backlinks is not easy as you may end up adding spam or broken links. If you take the help of a reputed backlink provider, you are likely to rank your content. How do these backlink providers work? Have you visited any automatic backlink-creating websites? What do you understand from the user interface of such websites? They are so simple to use. You add the domain and can get hundreds of backlinks to add to your content. The average backlink count is 3 to 4. You have to add both internal and external backlinks. It further helps improve the domain authority.

Take Away!!

If a backlink job is hard for you, it is advised to take help from experts or automatic backlink generators. Leave a comment if you need help with searching backlink providers.


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