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Tips To Get Free Youtube Views – Best Guide For Beginners


Youtube is the second busiest and largest search engine in the world. It is widely used to entertain, educate audiences and promote the channels. Estimated that it has 22 billion visitors in a month, and the duration of the session is approximately under 40 minutes. Everyone likes youtube very much.

If you are also willing to make a channel and get more interesting tips, then follow the given instruction below. You can know how to get more free youtube views organically and optimization characteristics.

Let’s have a look!

Most YouTubers buy views and spend their money but don’t be fretful; here are some tips to get free youtube views organically.

Get Free YouTube Views Organically

Use the rich title of keywords and descriptive

This depends on your way of research. An interesting and descriptive title will come with two things, such as giving a unique keyword for the algorithm and capturing the users and telling them about the video content.

For this, use some SEO methods, i.e. using a keyword planner etc., to check the popularity of keywords on youtube; just go to the keyword planner and click on the youtube search bar. Optimize the content of the video for the correct keyword that will help to carry organic views by contacting users.

Rich keyword descriptions and quality

You may better educate search engines and people about your video by including a description in the video. Users will know what to expect in your video, which will enhance the click-through rate and hence the views.

Try to stand out while being general; you want to pique people’s curiosity while still attempting to rank for short-tail keywords. Use your descriptions to entice people above the fold and optimize them for the YouTube search engine like you would a conventional SEO meta description.

Use tags

YouTube video tags also aid in distinguishing what your video is about and assist the system in determining what visitors will see when they watch it. These, as well as your description and title, should convey the essence of your film. Consider short-tail SEO once more. If you need help with keywords, utilize the keyword planner, as previously indicated.

Optimize the thumbnail image

A Thumbnail image is the main image of your content. You have to be curious about it to increase your youtube views. Thumbnail helps to increase your youtube views organically.

Use high-resolution graphics with understandable and appealing typefaces, as well as facial close-ups if your film includes them. To increase video views, make your thumbnail a visual match for your title and description.


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