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This Is Us Recap – What Happened to Kevin and Kate, and How Randall and Kate’s Relationship Has Progressed

If you missed the Season 6 premiere of “This Is Us,” here’s your comprehensive “This Is Us recap.” Read on to find out what happened to Kevin and Kate, and how Kate and Randall’s relationship has progressed over the past few episodes. And don’t forget to check out the latest episode’s video. You’ll have an idea of what’s to come in Season 7.

Season 6 premiere of “This Is Us”

After five seasons of delivering roller coaster drama onscreen, NBC is relaunching this hit drama with a new season. After the pandemic disrupted the show, which saw some episodes trimmed and delayed, the season six premiere of “This Is Us” will finally be released. Star Chrissy Metz has said that this season will be no less emotional. Here are the top reasons why.

Kevin’s surgery

This is Us recap of Kevin’s surgery focuses on the aftermath of a surgery, where Kevin finds himself alone at a Los Angeles hotel. Desperate and prone to self-medication, Kevin heads back to the party where he left with a mission. There, he finds his former high school crush Charlotte, who is now a physician who treats burn patients. As he is unable to find any more pain killers, Kevin rifles through Charlotte’s medicine cabinet.

Kate’s pregnancy

The second season of This is Us is coming to an end, and we all know what it means for the Pearson family. Despite Kevin’s excitement for the impending arrival of his baby, Kate is devastated. She’s been grieving since the loss of her baby for so long, and is sure she can’t cope with losing another child. She’s prayed for help from her late father, but he’s been gone for too long.

Kevin’s relationship with Randall

The Kevin-Randall relationship is in a fraught place on This is Us. Rebecca is planning to leave the house, but Randall is urging her to stay. He thinks he’s the right person to take charge of Rebecca. While Randall is irritated by Kate’s plans, he still supports Rebecca. Kevin tells Randall that he is ready to take on the responsibility.

Kevin’s relationship with Sophie

In this week’s This is Us recap, we’ll see how Kevin’s relationship with Sophie has evolved since his last appearance on the show. She is a divorcee and Kevin has been rejected twice by her before. Both of them have baggage that has been hard to work through, and Sophie wants to get past it. It’s a complex dynamic, and Sophie and Kevin have a lot of growing to do.

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