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Rigid-Flex PCB: Flexible and Flex Rigid Circuit Board


As the name shows, rigid-flex PCBs are a half kind of flex and rigid circuits. Their plan offers interesting arrangements and applications, and they act as a trade for inflexible PCBs. Perhaps the best part of rigid-flex PCBs is that they consolidate the advantages of both adaptable and rigid PCBs.

Additionally, it is used for electronic gadgets; there is a wide range of rigid-flex circuit sheets in business and modern applications. They are likewise utilized for high-grade aeroplane mounted weapon direction situations; rigid-flex printed circuit loads up can broadly contain for soldierly and air travel electrical collecting.

Usage of Rigid-Flex PCBs:

Rigid-flex circuit sheets can be tracked down in business as well as modern applications. It may be driven wherever by electronic gadgets, for high rating aeroplane mounted device directional frameworks.

Rigid-flex PCBs have an essential-afterwards response for current applications. They are chiefly utilized in military, aviation, and clinical gadgets, as they can lessen the item’s weight. This improves the gadget’s exhibition by and large.

Different instances of inflexible flex PCBs applications include:

  • Savvy Jackets
  • Phones
  • Pacemakers
  • CT Scanners
  • ABS Sensors
  • Computerized Cameras
  • PC Servers
  • USB and Ethernet
  • Standardized tag Scanners

APCT The Manufacturer of Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards

APCT has become the main manufacturer of high reliability, inflexible revealed circuit forums. We have produced an enterprise version that has correctly differentiated us from the competition in the published circuit board production enterprise.

As generation modifications, the need to supply the product has now turned out to be faster and quicker. If we’re genuine to our commercial enterprise model, then we are genuinely pushed to conquer industry standards in cycle times. APCT is proud to offer general lead times which might be constantly faster than the industry while supporting our customer’s necessities to overcome their opposition to the marketplace. However, APCT takes a similar step similarly.

Pros and Cons of Rigid-Flex PCBs:


• The Space requirements may be decreased by using 3D

• By eliminating the requirement for connectors and links between the individual rigid parts, the board size and generally framework weight can be diminished.

• Throughout enhancing space, there is more time to a lower hold in parts.

• Taking care of during gathering is more straightforward in examination with adaptable sheets.

• Improved PCB get together cycles.

• Test conditions are reorganised. A total test before establishment has become conceivable.

• Strategic and gathering both of the costs have altogether reduced with Rigid-Flex sheets.


  • Impediments of FPC adaptable circuit sheets:
  • High introductory expense
  •  Challenging to regulate and fix.
  •  Size restricted.

What is the distinction between a rigid PCB and a flex PCB?

One can twist promptly and the other is not.

The rigid part is not hard to gather with the usual get altogether strategies. The flex part can make gadget gathering simple by fitting uncommon bundles and supplanting complex connector and space necessities and changing the plane or connectorization.


Rigid-flex PCB offers many benefits over standard printed circuit sheets. In the way that you are finding a method for advancing unwavering quality by eliminating connectors and lessening weld joints, Rigid-flex panels can meet your expectations. As long as you pick the right organization to deal with the development, you will be on the correct way to having a dependable item available rapidly!


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