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PSN Down, Along With Xbox Live and Steam, Thanks to Wider Internet Issues Impacting All Services (Update: Resolved)


Update: The internet-wide outage issues appear to be resolved now, with all services now returning.
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Sony’s PlayStation Network appears to be down for many users right now, impacting the ability to use any of the PSN services such as online play, license restoration, friends lists, and more. Sony has acknowledged the outage via the PSN Status page, listing all PSN services as down. Sony says that the PSN down issue comes from external internet outage issues that are causing problems with far more than just Sony’s network.
Sony’s PSN status page currently lists all services as down, including:
Additionally, they report that the issue comes from external internet issues.
Our own testing confirms the issues, which are impacting game licenses and blocking access to certain games. This can particularly be an issue if you live in a multi-PS4/PS5 household and use primary and alternate consoles to do game sharing with your family members, which requires a “check-in” with the PSN to verify licenses and ownership of games to the users logged to that specific console.
The PSN down issues are impacting all PlayStation platforms and services, including PS3, PS4, PS5, Vita, and web services.
Additional reports also indicate that Xbox Live and Steam are both experiencing issues, with the outage maps on Down Detector for the three being nearly identical, further highlighting the issue with external internet-wide issues.
Though Sony is aware of the issue, it’s unknown when we can expect a fix, as the problem is out of their hands. Are you running into any issues signing into the PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam? Let us know if you hit any PSN down errors in the comments below while we all wait for it to come back up so we can get back to enjoying the myriad games that require an internet connection to play.


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