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PACS Product Features and Model


Pac System Radiology is a diagnostic imaging system carefully designed to satisfy the customer’s needs. They target a wide range of health facilitation sectors including hospitals, cardiac centers, orthopedic regions, teleradiology centers, and many more. PACS has a cost-effective pricing model, superior features increase its efficiency. The PACS prioritizes customer satisfaction which is user-friendly and feasible. The deliveries are on time and have a full-time support team to assist you with the PAC products. It also works on a principle of constant growth to provide customers better support and reliability for further growth and smooth operations.

Product Features:

Their products provide a web-based diagnostic view that is easy to use and followed the DICOM for communication and store services. The products also have:

  • Scalable operations to check growth and requirements.
  • Manual and automated DICOM routing
  • Provide reporting of diagnosis; normal ranges, spell check, transcription, macros, preliminary/final/addendums, and much more.
  • Dictation system and voice recognition (VR) system
  • Media restoring and built-in backup system
  • HIPAA and HiTech consent system
  • Compatible with PACS medical, PACS medical imaging, and Mini PACS
  • Three-year complete off-site support, up-gradation, and maintenance

How The PAC Model Works

Pac System Radiology works with the following basic models,

  • DICOM Archival/routing; Scalable, compressed image, web-based user interface, backup/restore studies, DICOM SCP, multiple locations, multiple rules, auto-forward, the gateway for modalities, data storage in DICOM-10 format, efficient and reliable, customizable compression, priority on the study, incoming logs, outgoing logs and progress logs, customizable association limits, the time between retries and a customizable number of retries.
  • Integration; Integrate with other systems and enter data once, third party HIS/RIS/EMR/PACS integration, HL7 broker for real-time, export HL7 formatted flat file for billing or import into other systems, web-based HIS/RIS integration system.
  • Workflow; Workflow management system is also web-based for image diagnosis, cardiology, radiology, orthopedics, and other specialty fields. Other workflow management includes; FDA approved light weight web-based diagnostic viewer, allow radiologist by marking read and/or unread to manage their studies, study locking to avoid double reading, prioritizing studies based on importance like stats, etc., colors and layout built by radiologists and for radiologists, spontaneous interference and user friendly. The system also provides multiple viewing methods based on image type, allows the consultant to share images and interesting cases, integrate with other dictation systems, efficiently manage report statuses, and notifies reports to review and analyze. It is also designed with counterpart reading rooms, all-inclusive search filters and features, and customizable sorting, filtering, and interface.


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