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Kundali Bhagya Written Update


Kundali Bhagya is one of the latest shows on Zee Tv, which is telecast on Monday to Friday. Read on to know about the latest development in the show. We know Prithvi picks up a knife and decides to kill Kareena. Besides this, he also threatens to kill Sherlyn and the goons.

Prithvi picks up the knife and decides to kill Kareena

Prithvi comes across Kritika and Mahesh and gets shocked to see them. She then tries to save Prithvi, but he is too angry to listen to her. In the meanwhile, Prithvi is distracted by his own thoughts and picks up the knife to kill Kareena. However, Kritika asks Prithvi to stop and leave her alone.

Preeta tells Prithvi about the proof that she has against him. Prithvi is shocked and says that he has a sleep disorder. She explains that he was caught up in a drama and forgot to call Kritika. Luckily, the two women manage to rescue Krithika from Prithvi. However, Prithvi is still determined to kill his beloved wife.

Prithvi threatens to kill all of the goons

Prithvi threatens to kill the goons after Preeta gets arrested for trying to rescue her. Nagre and his goons are after her and the police, but they are tricked and the Police are thrown out of the check post. This leads to Preeta and her goons running in fear. Preeta realizes that Prithvi has a plan to kill her, and she is about to get her chance.

In this scene, Preeta tells Nagre that she is trying to rescue Janki from the goons, who are trying to steal her property. As he is trying to run away, she gets worried and starts a fight with the goons. When Preeta is able to escape, she runs to her brother, Rishabh, and Karan and asks them to go help her. However, he stops her and threatens her. After the fight, Preeta asks Sameer to rescue her.

Prithvi threatens to kill Sherlyn

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi will threaten to kill Sherlyn. He will tell the blackmailer to reach the warehouse in Dubai and expose the two of them. Sherlyn breaks down as she learns about this. Prithvi tells her that he has come to destroy the Luthras. Meanwhile, Sherlyn plans to kill Preeta through a road accident. However, during this incident, Mahira pushes Sherlyn and is pregnant. However, doctors save the pregnant Sherlyn and Luthras expel Mahira from the house.

Then, Prithvi and Sherlyn have an argument. Prithvi is a ruthless man who has a lot of money. His ruthless intentions have already caused the death of many people. It is clear that Prithvi is not in a right state of mind and he will not hesitate to kill Sherlyn if he finds out that Sherlyn is pregnant.


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