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High Rise Camera-Evolution in the world of Aerial Shooting


What is Hi Rise Camera?

Hi Rise Camera is a first-of-its-kind system for shooting high-angle and overhead footage. This sleek, lightweight 50-pound end-zone camera captures your videography and watching experience to a whole new, capturing your most thrilling events, sports, and moments in full HD action. Hi Rise Camera is a versatile camera that may be used to capture any sports. We have you covered either you are using Hi Rise Camera to film indoor athletic events or as an end-zone camera system.

Why Hi Rise Camera?

Overall strength and durability are provided by a robust yet light-weight aluminium frame. Our innovative Easy-Spin pole base fits inside the high-grade carbon fibre telescoping pole, which stretches up to 21 feet high. The Easy-Spin base allows you to rotate the pole smoothly and swiftly to shoot high-angle pictures with ease. The full Hi Rise Camera device weighs under 50 pounds, making transportation and travel with it in a snap! Video in 1920 x 1080 resolution is captured. Image stabilisation technology is also included in this camera, which combats camera shake and jitter. Each tripod leg can be changed to a variety of lengths, which is ideal for uneven terrain. You can shoot movies on any surface, including the field, court, street, and uneven terrain. To prevent corrosion, the tripod’s extension legs are made of anodised aluminium. AC outlet with AC/DC adapter with rechargeable batteries is one of the charging alternatives. We also include a super-charged external battery pack for the camcorder that can power it for hours on end, in addition to the original batteries. The camera’s high-resolution LCD panel features a pro-style lens, pixel magnification, and peaking capability to display top-notch HD video footage.


Hi Rise camera is an evolution as well as a flexible alternate to drones and convenient plus economical camera for aerial shooting. Thus bringing Hi rise Camera to the game will be a game changer in the world of photography and videography.


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