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Hard Carry Support Chapter 1


If you are wondering where you can find Hard-Carry Support Chapter 1, look no further. You
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Seo-Hyun is a hard carry supporter
Seo-Hyun was once the number one ranker in the infamous forgotten trash game, Asra, but
now he has come to conquer the VRMMORPG Asrian. Though he was mistakenly labeled as a
damage-focused DPS class, Seo-Hyun is in fact a hard carry Supporter, who drags people by
the collar and carries them to their destination.
After the car accident, Si-Eun is very worried and starts drinking a lot. Despite her best efforts,
she ends up dying from alcohol. Despite being a hard carry supporter, Si-Eun drowns her
sorrows in alcohol. Meanwhile, Ga-Bin prepares for her marriage and isn’t able to get a hint
about her feelings for her ex.

In the beginning of the novel, the story revolves around the friendship of Seo-Hyun and Han Ji-
yong. The two women are friends and the former even has a son. Nevertheless, Seo-Hyun is

the only person that accompany Hi-soo, who carries the guilt along with her. However, when
she falls in love with the latter, she feels guilty and cannot accept that she is a mistress.
Throughout the drama, Jung Soo’s mother calls Hyun Soo and asks her to visit her brother’s
family. Her parents are adamant in their support of their son, but Hyun Soo doesn’t think his
parents are overbearing. Jung Woo, meanwhile, is patient and tries to be the best mother
possible for their son.
Seo-Hyun is the number 1 ranker of the forgotten tr*sh game
The number one ranker of Asra is back to conquer his new home, Asrian, a mega-hit
VRMMORP game that inherited Asra’s world setting. Hyun, the number one support in Asra,
thought he was playing a damage dealer hidden class. This thought was proved to be wrong,
as his unique class is unlike any other.


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