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Hair Color Trends 2022


Hair Color Trends 2022

Color your hair any color you want, and make it permanent with these hair color trends. These shades are easy to change and don’t require a drastic change in hair care regime. You can choose from a variety of colors, including caramel and golden bronze. These are the hottest colors of the year and are the perfect way to make a fashion statement.

Caramel hair color

Caramel hair color is a classic and flattering shade. With its warm, golden undertones, it is the perfect blend of brunette, blonde, and red. It also goes well with olive skin tones. For a more dramatic look, caramel hair color can be balanced with other colors, including yellow and red.

Caramel highlights

If you want to have an ultra-trendy hair color, try caramel highlights. This multi-tonal look can last up to six months with minimal maintenance. This balayage technique was created by Malaysian hair artist Glen Hew. The results are multi-dimensional highlights that look stunning on both naturally colored and lightened hair.

Golden bronze

Golden bronze hair color is the ‘it’ color this season. It has a warm undertone and depth that suits nearly every skin tone. This color is also low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice for busy professionals, women with young children, and recent high school graduates.

Red hair color

The red hair color trend isn’t new, but it has been picking up speed lately. It was already popular last year, but now its popularity is trickling down to the masses. Thanks to A-list celebrities who wear it, red hair is making its way into the mainstream. Unlike the platinum blondes that ruled the scene five to ten years ago, a deeper, richer red is now considered normal and acceptable.

Cinnamon red

Cinnamon red is a beautiful shade of red that will transition beautifully throughout all seasons. While it works best during early fall, cinnamon can be worn throughout the entire year. It has a base color of brunette that is blended with auburn hues. Whether you want to achieve the look yourself or have it professionally done, there are many stylists who can create the perfect look.

Warm brunette

If you’re not quite ready for a dramatic change in hair color but still want to look fabulous, warm brown is the color for you. This autumnal shade features undertones of gray and brown and will complement your skin tone. It’s also perfect for brunettes who want to try something different for fall, but don’t want to commit to a dramatic change.

Expensive brunette hair color

If you’ve been wondering what’s next for hair color trends, there’s a new one called “expensive brunette.” This new color trend is popular among celebrities and is gaining in popularity. It’s not just a nickname – it’s a particular color that celebrities are flocking to their hairstylists for a winter refresh.


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