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FIX: Outlook keeps asking for Gmail password


A lot of users utilize Outlook as email client software so that they can open Gmail emails within that application. However, a repeating password error arises for some users when they try to connect Outlook with Gmail.
When that error arises, Outlook keeps requesting that users enter their Gmail passwords even though they’ve already entered the correct login details.
Consequently, users can’t establish an IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) connection for Gmail to open that webmail within the Outlook software.
Got problems with Outlook and Gmail? Try one of these Outlook alternatives!

If you keep getting this error, try accessing Gmail with your web browser as a workaround.
You can use any browser you want for this purpose, but we suggest using UR Browser since it’s secure and privacy-oriented.
Want to know what makes UR Browser unique? Check out our in-depth review to find out!
So, there are a couple of ways users can fix Outlook’s repeating password error to connect with Gmail accounts. Thereafter, users can open their Gmail emails in Outlook without any login prompts popping up.


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