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Apple iOS 16 tips and tricks: Master your iPhone like a pro


iOS 16, Apple’s latest software update for the iPhone, is now available as a public beta. That means if you have a spare iPhone 8 or newer you can try the pre-release version of iOS 16 and start testing features months in advance ahead of the final rollout in the fall. The new update to iOS brings a ton of features that will let users personalize their iPhone lock screens and change how they text friends through iMessage.

Here are five iOS 16 tips and tricks you should know about as you use your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.

Enable keyboard haptics for vibrations as you type 

Taking a page out of Android’s playbook, Apple is finally adding built-in keyboard haptics to the iPhone. Haptics allows you to feel vibrations as you type. This is good news because now you can access haptics without downloading third-party software. The idea behind keyboard haptics is to indicate a physical confirmation for users as they type. These vibrations act as “confirmations” as user types.

When you download iOS 16 on your iPhone, the keyboard haptics are still disabled. Here’s what to do to turn keyboard haptics on the iPhone:

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