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Amc Dine In Tech Ridge 10


Dining Options Near AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10

If you’re in the area and looking for the best dining options near AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10, consider checking out North Shoal Creek, a neighborhood in north central Austin established in the 1960s. This neighborhood is located just five miles southwest of the AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10.

Dolby Cinema offers a full menu

The AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10 opened its doors on December 12 in the tech ridge shopping center, replacing a former Sears store. The movie theater will feature full service food and beverage stations, a food court, power recliners, and a separate concession stand. In addition, the restaurant will offer full menus and a full bar. Guests can also book their seats online to save time.

The dine-in AMC Tech Ridge 10 will be the third movie theatre in Austin. It will have 1,000 AMC Signature Recliners and a full bar and menu featuring adult beverages and snacks. The AMC Tech Ridge 10 will add a new element to the local business district and the area’s entertainment scene. Guests will be able to enjoy food and drinks, as well as an arcade and MacGuffins while watching a movie.

North Shoal Creek is 5 miles southwest of AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10

Located in north central Austin, Texas, the neighborhood of North Shoal Creek was established in the 1960s. It is an open source neighborhood, five miles southwest of the AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10 theater. You can enjoy the movies on a night out in North Shoal Creek, or visit the nearby community of McNeil for some shopping and dining.

Movie-goers can enjoy a full-service menu

AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10 opened on Thursday, December 12, replacing Sears in the popular Tech Ridge shopping center. Movie-goers can enjoy a full-service menu and AMC Signature recliners. Dine-in theaters offer Dolby Cinema technology, including seat rumblers and enhanced sound. Tickets are available at the theater, or diners can order from the menu.

In select AMC theaters, movie-goers can enjoy full-service dining and a variety of beverages. Full-service movie-goers can enjoy delicious meals, as well as specialty beverages and fine wines. AMC Dine-in Tech Ridge 10 also offers full-service movie-going, with a full menu, cocktails, and wine.


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