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Adding a Shared Calendar in Outlook 365


Office 365 plans come with some good out-of-the-box productivity apps. Other than Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, you also get other services. Users on premium plans also get free 1TB storage on OneDrive.

Microsoft 365 also has administrative features that help admins set access controls. Admins can add and remove users, run feature updates, and manage app access. 

The reason why most people like using Microsoft apps is because they can be integrated with other apps. For example, you can create and add shared calendars on Outlook 365. Shared calendars have plenty of benefits, some of which we will highlight.

This guide will share steps on adding a shared calendar in Outlook 365. You will also learn how to open a shared calendar in Outlook 365. 

How to Share Calendar in Outlook 365

Outlook 365 is one of the market’s best email and calendar apps. It helps you send and receive emails, set up appointments, and book resources. The best feature of Outlook 365 is its powerful calendar feature that allows users to create shared calendars and set project dates.

Sharing an Outlook calendar is very simple, but you need an Office 365 subscription. You must log in to your Office 365 account and open Outlook from the list of apps. After that, open the calendar and click on the share button.

You will get a dialog box where you will be required to add the email addresses of users you want to share the calendar. Outlook 365 also allows you to set access permissions on what the contacts can do on the shared calendar. 

How to Open a Shared Calendar in Outlook 365

Before opening up a shared calendar, you need to check if you have received an invitation in your email. Once you have the invitation email, click on the accept button to find the shared calendar Office 365. 

However, you might face challenges when accessing a shared Outlook calendar. In such instances, the owner may not have given you the necessary permissions to open or access the shared calendar. You will have to message the owner to edit the permission settings to allow you to view the full calendar. 

The permissions types on shared calendars include full details, limited details, and availability only. The availability only setting will only display the time. Limited details will show details about the event including the event’s time, location, and subject. Full details mean users with access to the shared calendar will have access to all the details of events available on the shared Outlook calendar.

Wrapping Up

Outlook is one of the best productivity apps. It has plenty of excellent features including a calendar to make collaboration and project management easy. Many people don’t know about the hidden features available on Outlook 365.

Shared calendars can also be accessed through other email apps such as Gmail. However, in such instances, the user will have to accept the invitation via their Microsoft 365 account. Learning more about how to add a shared calendar in new Outlook will help you make the most of the calendar feature.


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