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45202 Housekeeping Jobs


What Education and Training Are Necessary For 45202 Housekeeping Jobs?

When searching for a job in the field of housekeeping, you may be interested in the following information. This article will discuss what education and training are necessary to obtain a housekeeping job. We will also discuss the duties of housekeeping. This job requires a person to be flexible and work under varying energy levels. Listed below are some job opportunities available in the field of housekeeping. Listed below are the job requirements, location, and education required for housekeeping positions.

Job requirements

The job of a housekeeper entails the care of a resident’s apartment and other common areas. This position reports to the Director of Housekeeping and performs general cleaning assignments, preparing apartments for move-in, and utilizing cleaning chemicals safely. Job requirements include a high school diploma and at least two to four years of experience in a similar position. Housekeepers must be physically fit and have the ability to adapt their energy levels to various tasks.

A housekeeping resume is one of the first things that a potential employer sees. It should be well-written and easily understood, clearly specifying all the skills and experience that make you a good candidate for the position. To make your resume stand out from the competition, Monster offers a housekeeping sample resume and template. Some employers require a cover letter to accompany your resume, so be sure to prepare one that highlights your skills and experience.


Duties of 45202 housekeeping jobs include welcoming and greeting guests, making beds, replacing bathroom amenities, and cleaning public areas. These positions also require experience with industrial cleaning equipment and the ability to meet high performance standards. To qualify for these positions, a high school diploma is required, as well as two to four years of relevant work experience. Depending on the industry, experience with high-end housekeeping facilities may be necessary.

A light housekeeper performs cleaning and housekeeping tasks. They must adhere to quality standards and customer service expectations. They must also be able to use different types of cleaning equipment, lift heavy furniture, and respond to paging systems. Despite their varied duties, these professionals must be well-versed in infection control and safety guidelines. They must also be familiar with handwashing and safety procedures. They are often required to work in a hospital or healthcare facility, so they must be comfortable working in a high-traffic environment.


If you want a rewarding job in housekeeping, you can get a degree in this field. The most common degree required for this type of job is a High School diploma, followed by an Associate’s Degree. These workers earn an average of $27,095 per year. If you’d like to upgrade your skills, you can take online courses for housekeeping. The education required for this position depends on the employer’s preference.


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